The Children’s Bike Brigade!

Kids of all ages welcome

The Sally Stretch Keen Memorial Library invites you to join us for the Memorial Day Parade in Vincentown on Monday, May 30th.

Starting at 9:15 am we will be decorating bikes etc. behind the library.  Or decorate at home and meet us.  Be sure to stop by the Children’s Library following the parade to say hello and have some lemonade and cookies.

Parents, we need you to chaperone your children during this “family fun” event.   And please don’t forget helmets.

Stuffed Animal Checkup

The Children’s Library was alive with animals on Monday.  A bunny, lamb, pig, cat, even a dinosaur and space monkey came to seek Doctor Diane’s advice.  It was determined after “thorough” examinations that most of the critters were of good health, though most had broken limbs requiring bandages.  Lambie, however, might be suffering from some special spring issues.  When her owner was asked how Lambie was  doing she replied “not good”.  Another patient, Mrs. McSqueals, received some very interesting news.