It’s Official!

IT’S OFFICIAL! We are very pleased to announce that the Sally Stretch Keen Memorial Library is a recipient of a 2022 Preserve New Jersey Historic Preservation Grant Award through the New Jersey Historic Trust. This matching grant will allow us to do much needed work to “seal the envelope” and preserve the library building for future generations. We cannot do our work without a sound building and are fortunate to have a beautiful, historic building in our wonderful town.

We thank the New Jersey Historic Trust for recognizing the significance of our building, our history, and our important role in the community. We are grateful for their support.

It is going to be a busy 100th year! There is fundraising, event planning, tons of paperwork… and the actual preservation work being done Fall 2023! We will keep you updated and share our history as we go along.

If you wish to support our preservation, donations can be made at:

Sally Stretch Keen Memorial Library 100th Anniversary Fund: Donate

or when we see you at the library!

100 Years Later

As 2022 is drawing to a close, we had to point out a neat architectural detail on our building— the downspout with the year 1922 in an Art Nouveau font. Why 1922? The building was designed in 1921 by Stewardson and Page under the direction of Mary Irick Drexel herself. The exterior construction was done in 1922 and the interior finished in 1923, with our dedication in memory of Sally Stretch Keen on June 18th, 1923.

We look forward to celebrating our 100th year in 2023!

Saturday Morning Cafe

Not sure what to read next? Eager to talk about that fabulous novel you just read?

Stop by the library Saturday morning to visit our “Saturday Morning Cafe”. We’ll have hot coffee, cider, light snacks (fresh baked goods!?) and a lively discussion about all the great books we’ve been reading.

We look forward to seeing you!

A Beautiful Day for Plein Air Painting!

Today was such a glorious day to get outdoors…and we did just that! We took our paints, brushes and canvas boards behind the library to paint. That “bit” of summer breeze hardly discouraged our artists!

Thanks to all for coming out for summer programs.

I hope some of our art work will be returned on loan for display in our

Annual Art Exhibit & Sale, September 30th – October 1st

So thoughtful…

A good “old” friend of the library has dedicated and shared some of her art to encourage young readers.

Thank you Kate!

For a confirmation project Kate decided to give something back to the library, which gave her so much as she was growing up.  

All of the pictures are free hand drawings with marker and/or colored pencil. They’re beautiful!