Worm Man!!!

Yikes!  Summer is flying by and the library has been very busy!

Tomorrow the Worm Man will be visiting the Children’s Library (with worms!) at 1 pm to talk about worm composting – how to turn your soil to garden gold!

We have discovered many fairies have moved into the area recently and celebrated their arrival by making Fairy Gardens and Lanterns.

The dietitians of Hainesport ShopRite came with a healthy trail mix snack…they’ll be back again August 15th.

Our summer reading group ( led by Colin Lubber) will have one last meeting (Wednesday, August 2nd) to discuss the Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman and talk about their projects.

We’re busy learning about building and structures on Tuesdays – so far we’ve made toothpick and mini-marshmallow structures and Castles and catapults. Next week Let’s Build It Tuesday will be a free build with Legos.

August is almost here –  join us for our weekly August Art session to see what’s planned!