Let Summer Begin!

  • Make & Take Mondays:   Blast off into summer by stopping by the library on Monday afternoon June 24th and make a straw rocket!  Who can make the coolest looking rocket?  Whose rocket can travel higher, longer and further than all the others!
  • Tuesdays @ 2:  Beginning Tuesday July 9 at 2 pm.  Kids in 4th through 8th grade are invited to come discuss and recommend some of the great books they’re reading.  Don’t know what to read for the summer reading school projects?  Not sure what project to tackle?  Talk it over with experienced pros (7th & 8th graders).
  • The Idea Factory:  July 23rd.  Join our group of readers in welcoming author Janet Slingerland!  Ms. Slingerland will guide you to realizing your potential as an author or get you started on how to discover ideas for writing (useful for those school projects).
  • Wednesday Family Story/Craft:  Wednesday mornings, 10:30 a.m.  Recommended for children ages 3-5 accompanied by guardian (because of craft) but all ages welcome.
  • Thursday Toddler Time:  Thursday mornings, 11 a.m.  Toddlers, up to 36 months, are invited to join us for stories, songs and play.
  • Thursday Afternoons – Art / Stories / Crafts:  Each week a different project.  This week Mo Willems stories & art!


Let summer begin!

June is here and there are not too many more days left in the school year.  Time for summer programs!  We still have one day of school visits (puppet Ticket seems to have come down with laryngitis and was unable to perform last Wednesday).

Due to the change in schedule of school visits, Story Hour on Wednesday, June 12th. must be cancelled…sorry.

Summer kickoff:  Our backyard event  -Friday, June 14, 2019 – Bring a blanket and get there early to save your spot!

Backyard Brian Richards